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So Denise, to recap:

Your Gramps ran off with another woman but ended up with the Farm and the Red Barn (good exchange)!

The chickens died of a Virus (their immune system went down from the shock of it all )!

You stopped visiting because there were no chickens laying (eggs)!

Your father taught you how to handle a bow and arrow (he didn't want you meeting the same fate)!?

And you grew up to be a STRONG SOLID FEMALE who now has the opportunity to buy a RED BARN and won't take any bull from any of the others who do not want to live happily ever after DOWN ON THE FARM!

So let's not put the Kart before the Barn as that one will go rolling home!

This Old Man, he had………he played ………….with a ……. paddy whack, give a dog a bone, this old KART CAME ROLLING HOME!

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