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Ha!! Another late night . . . . I saw the first 4 sets before I had to give up and go to bed – it wasn't that late, but it was the culmination of all the night matches I've been watching over the last 2 weeks or so . . . . and they were both playing so well that I knew it could go on forever!! When Safin won the tiebreak in the fourth after Federer had match point, I knew it could go either way!! Safin was playing so well and had Roger of the run for most of the match. The usually cool Federer showed his emotions quite frequently – many shots he normally makes missed, so he wasn't at his absolute best, although Safin really took it to him.

Can you believe Martina and Max had to play their mixed doubles match after Federer and Safin??? (I didn't stay up for it – does anyone know who won?)

Also, Molik plays Davenport in the Doubles final today!! Hopefully Molik will get one back on Davenport this time!!

And, well – Lleyton and Andy . . . . . who knows . . . . . it'll be a long game, I think!!

It's been one of the best tournments for a while!! Most of the seeds stayed so there were some terrific games and match ups!