Solid Perfume Forums Re: Another Princess !!

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Hi tougether

When I god up this morning, I was really surprised [Eek!] !

I got many congratulations (private messages). In the meantime probably everyone seems to know, which ID I have (I know only from a handful the identity) on eBey. Oh, no problem [Wink] ! I would like to thank on this way all (goes fastest with my English) – that was really very dear from you – thanks a lot.

It will be my absolutely most expensive piece, in addition a marvelous one and, so I believe, the price worth. (The whole family could stand some Kilos less. I found the ideal cure. Immediately I buy no more food – so we can save much money – . No fear, I am only joking! [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin] )

I am very pleased about the princess and it is beautiful that so many are pleased with me.

Enjoy your weekend. So long!