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I am fairly new to e-bay, still learning and need advise…I was the winning bidder on a compact, we have contacted each other about sending a money order to him. After a week, he e-mailed me about my payment and I replied that I am still waiting for his mailing address to send the payment. Well, I have sent a total of 5 e-mails to him requesting his address to send the payment and haven’t heard from him since. Now what? It is not the end of the world if I don’t get this compact but I do not want to get a frowny face (or negative response) should I just forget about winning that one and move on? Do I need to tell someone that he didn’t pull thru even though I didn’t send any money yet? (Thank God) I am thankful that I didn’t send the money yet…who knows if I would have gotten the compact anyways.
Help [Smile]