Solid Perfume Forums Re: Ann & Ken (Solids Calendar?)

Ann and Ken
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Thanks everyone about wanting a calendar. [Smile]

We would much rather post photos here for you great folks to enjoy. [Big Grin]

As much as we enjoyed working on Roselyn’s book it is not an easy matter to put photos to page.
One photo may take as many as 100 shots before it is even ready to submit . It has to be edited, cropped,color adjusted, etc. Then the publisher will want it shot different and you do the whole thing over again. [Frown]

Most of the photos you are seeing now are rejects.

If you don’t work with a publisher the expense is to great for doing it yourselves. The cost of an calendar would be far more than we would want to charge .

We will keep posting here as long as you want us to. [Big Grin]

Ann & Ken