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With strong cups of black coffee in hand Laura and David spread out the newspapers on the kitchen table.

“It's a wonder that no one was killed, just look at the photo's David!” she exclaimed. Together they turned the pages over, each new picture of the fire seemed to be more horrible than the last, at the very last pisture Laura burst into tears, “OH David” she cried “Look at the circus tent burning we could have all been killed”

Davids voice took on a stern edge, “Now just pull yourself together Laura; nobody has been hurt and we have all been very lucky, lets just count our blessings that we all got home safely.” Taking a large gulp of her coffee Laura fought to control herself, “Yes you are right” she said, “But I do feel very, very shaken up I think that I will have a rest today, I wonder what Chrissie and Mark will think when they see the newspapers?”

Sitting down at her computer Laura smiled as she went into the SolidPerfume data base.”This will cheer me up” she thought as she came across all the toy perfumes.

In the corner of the screen unseen by Laura the little round face with the vacant eyes was watching, glancing first at her then at each of the solidperfume toys as they came onto the screen.

The phone rang. “Get that can you David” Laura called out not wishing to be disturbed “It will be Chrissie or Mark ringing back.

When David came back into the room Laura turned to him, “What did they say David”she asked “Have they seen the reports of the fire in the papers”
David looked at her, ” Laura they say that there is no report of any circus fire in their newspapers and they have got the same ones as us”………………..