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Meow's pitiful cry echoed throughout the old shop as she
dragged her tired body across the dusty floorboards. She desperately
needed somewhere to lie. Her once shiny coat was now a tangled
mass of singed fur and white bald patches covered her back, pus seeping
through crusted skin.

The night had not gone well. Flames had enveloped her as she tried to escape from the turmoil around. She could still hear the screams and
see the faces as she jumped back and forth, claws splayed, outstretched, fanning the heat of the flames which darted upwards and outwards around her .

And now she wanted to rest. Wanted to rid herself of this monster which
lurked within eating away at her heart, her soul, her very existence. But she knew this was not to be. She knew that with its dying she would die too.

Meow closed her eyes feeling an overwhelming sadness for what might have been. A place where she would have belonged and loved . She twitched again and slept, the tarot card of death her pillow……