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''What!'' Laura gasped, virtually snatching the newspaper out of his hand. 'I
don't believe this! It can't be!' David stared at her, his face registering
horror and bewilderment. ''We could have been there!'' he pointed
to the picture on the front page, 'We could have been there Laura and all
those children and families. I just can't believe this!''

Laura anxiously reached for the phone. 'Hello' a sleepy voice answered.
'Chrissy'' Laura stammered, 'have you seen this morning's paper?' Chrissy
hesitated trying to catch up with Laura's words. 'Sorry Laura. I must have
been in a deep sleep! Now tell me which paper are you talking about, and
also why?'' 'Oh Chrissy!'' Laura cried, 'it's just too dreadful for words.
I have all the Sunday papers.. Look at them Chrissy, please!'
'Alright Laura, just give me a while and I'll call you back. Are you O.K.?'
'Yes, yes' Laura answered, shrugging her shoulders at David's enquiring

Laura turned to David. ''Seems I woke them up but honestly David,
I don't think they will mind. Not after they have seen the ghastly news!'