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As Laura called out the little cats name she hesitated, somewhere in the depths of her mind she remembered a warm fireside and the kindness that Laura had shown her, with a toss of her head she sent the images away. “No time for that sort of thing she told herself” as into the flames she jumped.

Just as the audience thought the burning fire would surely surround the cat completely the flames turned to brightly red and orange coloured ribbons.

The Audience rose to their feet and applauded BRAVO,! BRAVO! they shouted as the ribbons rained down over them.

Settling down once more the audience waited in anticipation for what they knew would be the big finale. Into the ring the clowns pushed a large cannon, still laughing and pointing at the audience they set fire to the fuse…..You could almost hear the intake of breath.

BANG…… Went the cannon, and the audience was showered with little bits of round confetti like paper…….ON EACH LITTLE BIT OF PAPER WAS A LITTLE ROUND FACE WITH BIG ROUND HOLES FOR EYES.

That night Laura tossed and turned, images of the circus still in her mind, when David woke her the next morning with the newspaper in his hand……”Laura”he said, “Look at this the CIRCUS BURNT DOWN LAST NIGHT!!!!!”