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'LADIES AND GENTLEMAN' the voice boomed out. 'PLEASE

Everyone stopped in their tracks turning round to face the arena once more.

The tiny crumpled figure stood up, bowing this way and that, not a mark to be
seen, its costume a mass of glistening sequins dancing under the dazzling

Laura, David, Mark and Chrissy looked on in shocked disbelief. What was
happening? What was this all about. Bodies shuffled uncomfortably,
coming to terms with something that never was!

The tiny figure bowed and curtsied again, spinning round and round with
every curtain call! Then, with a loud laugh, it was gone. Up, up,
up, higher and higher it rose finally rejoining its colleagues on the Flying

The audience let out a gasp and started to clap. Slowly they clapped, one hand
joining another until the arena was resounding to the sound, and tears turned
into laughter once more.

Laura turned to Chrissy, her face drawn and pale. ''I feel sick'' she
whispered. Chrissy took her hand. 'I do too' she replied, 'I would like
to leave now! ' David and Mark agreed, gently steering their wives in the direction of the nearest exit.

'Ladies and Gentlemen and Children' the tannoy boomed once more. ''Please join
us in the greatest show on earth. We now have for you a
feat which you will never encounter again!'' Laura and Chrissy stood
rooted to the spot. A black cat appeared in the middle of
the ring, ears pricked in anticipation of what was yet to come. A huge circle of fire burned brightly as the Cat leapt back and
forth, flames rising higher and higher, ……….. 'Oh No!' Laura exclaimed,
grabbing David's arm. 'I can't watch anymore…….please let's leave.'
David nodded.

Laura looked back at the Cat. 'David' she cried out in alarm. 'David' she
gasped in bewilderment……….
it's Meow!'

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