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'THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN' proclaimed the multi-coloured banner outside
the large tent which had been erected in the middle of a huge park area surrounded by trees and a lake .Brightly coloured balloons of every shape and size appeared to be floating in the air and children held them tightly by their long strings as they ran around laughing and playing in the warm sunshine.

Chrissy and Laura looked for a suitable place to lay out the large tartan
rug before taking out the cold meats and salads prepared earlier.. Bottles of champagne popped their corks as they relaxed and chatted
soaking up the wonderful atmosphere.

Later, Mark and David strolled to the ticket office returning with seats
for the evening show. ''We thought you'd got lost'' Chrissy laughed,
offering two sparkling glasses of champagne together with bowls of fresh strawberries
topped with peaks of snow white cream. ''Delicious!'Mark exclaimed emptying his glass in a couple of gulps.

'The Show begins in two hours' Laura remarked checking her watch. We
have one more hour before packing up and putting everything in the car! '
'I'm just going to stretch out now and have a quick nap' Chrissy sighed,
resting her head on Mark's lap.'' ''Good for you'' Laura grinned. 'I think
I will do that too…….''