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As soon as Laura heard David's key in the lock she rushed to the door.
“Your so late and I was so worried she cried,” taking in his pale face and blood smeared hands she burst into tears.
“Im fine,” David consoled her, “Just give me a minute to wash my hands and I will tell you all about it, put the kettle on there's a good girl I could do with a good strong cup of tea.”

Laura and David took their tea into the lounge and he told her about the accident in town. “All those melons” he laughed now beginning to see the funny side of it and in the middle of it all some woman kept screaming about a cat attacking her baby in its pram, what a day! I do hope that they have cleared the road before we go out with Chrissy and Mark to the circus tomorrow.”

Later that night after David had gone to bed Laura sat curled up in her chair nursing a brandy, her thoughts turned to little Meow, “No it can't be her”she told herself a sweet cat like Meow would not cause such devastation.

Crossing the fields on the edge of town the alien cat gave no thought to the mayhem she had left behind her, after all it was what she excelled at and what she came to this earth planet to do, leaving a trail of little dead furry bodies in her path, she ate nothing preferring to kill for pleasure and she sensed there was better things to be had ahead.

In the distance she could see the little farm that the small children liked to visit and to the side of the farm she saw the little RED BARN.
Her eyes glistened, and her mouth started to water “Ah rich pickings and a good meal” she thought “Better than mice and birds any day…….bony meatless little things.”
With her belly down on the ground and her ears flat to her head the cat serveyed the surroundings, she slipped into the barn unnoticed.

The ROOSTER was the first one to sound the alarm as the cat sprang onto one of the young chickens, snapping it's neck with one bite she dragged it out of the barn and quick as a flash made off with to a hiding place she knew. The cat slept well that night after her good meal and as dawn broke with blood still round her mouth she set off once more to find her friends in the circus………..