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Over the next few days Laura sensed the house felt a little empty, her beautiful kitten had only been with them a few days but she had really become attached to her. As her mind wandered she desperately hoped nothing serious had happened to Meow ñ and that she would return soon.

She had nothing pressing to do today ñ even her paperwork was up to date, it was time for Laura to relax. The computer whirred gently and chirruped when the modem connected, and there she was again ñ

Because she had time Laura began looking through the database and was amazed at the range of different solids and themes. She was drawn to the circus themed miniatures, beautiful Elephants, A Big Top, Clowns and evena Juggling Seal . Just delightful !

But then she had a shiver run down her back, she saw the Jester and somehow he reminded her of the grumpy old man at The Cats Meow. That thought brought her to an abrupt stop ñ another day maybe.

While the computer was still on she decided to look again at her photos of the storm ñ maybe there had been a problem with one of them. But this time as she looked closely there was nothing to be seen ñ hmmm.

All of a sudden the computer started making an odd noise ñ she had never heard it do that before ñ and as she reached for the mouse to reboot everything went blank !

She heard David open the door and call to her. ” Iím in the study darling, the computer has just had a tantrum” .
David was laughing as he came to join his wife ” you and that computer, one of these days Iíll get home and youíll be inside it “, he joked, ” whatís for dinner Laura, Iím starving, I only managed a quick sandwich for lunch “.

With that all thoughts of everything else went out of Lauras head, she had a new dessert recipe she was trying out on David tonight ñ a rich, dark, chocolate fondant cake, iced with silver stars. She called it her ” Starry Nights ” gateau.

During dinner David told her he had a real treat lined up for the weekend, there was a travelling circus arriving in the village and he had got tickets for them along with Mark and Chrissy.

” I canít wait to see it darling, I havenít been to the circus since I was a child “, David said excitedly.
” Well it should be a real hoot, especially with Mark and Chrissy along, just so long as we donít get picked out of the audience to get sawn in half or something “, she replied laughing.

” And as for this cake, itís just tremendous “, he was scraping the last morcel from his dish.
” Of course its heavenly David, I made it for you, but itís not a cake, itís my Starry Nights Gateau, she replied pretending to be offended. “For that you get to do the washing up tonight “.