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It was a curious old shop, with lots of little nooks and crannies crammed with all sorts of what ñ junk, antiques, – whatever . Laura and Chrissie took their time looking into all the display cabinets but to no avail. This time is seemed they were out of luck. Laura turned and as she did she stumbled over an old shoe box laying on the floor.
” Are you okay Laura? ” Chrissie asked. “Yes, fine it was just this old box ,” she replied as she picked the box up. It too was full of bits of old jewellry, photographs, postcards ñ but what was that at the bottom under the postcards. She rummaged in the box and out came what she hoped was another solid.

“Chrissy, look,” she said excitedly, “do you think it is one ?”

Chrissy took the cat, brushed it over with her blouse and confirmed it was. She thought it was an Ivory cat ñ quite the most ugly cat she had ever seen, but definitely a solid.

“Well it seems I am beseiged by cats,” Laura sighed, “of course I have to have it”.

They took the cat to the owner to pay and asked how much it was. He seemed a little far away, not quite with it. In his twisted, bony old hand the cat looked even uglier and the girls began to get the giggles.

“Give me a fiver and then I can close for the day”, he looked as though he had been disturbed and wasnít very happy.

Chrissy and Laura just stood outside The Cats Meow for ages, laughing ñ it had been such good fun.