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''This is the one I thought Claudine would like. What do you think?'' David nodded in agreement. It had been a beautiful sunset and the
red glow as the sun had gradually disappeared seemingly sinking into the trees
was a really beautiful shot. Laura clicked through some of her pictures until
she finally came to the ones capturing the storm. 'David, don't you think
this is sooooooooo atmospheric?' ''Look how the lightening
takes on the form of something like a creature or man from out of space! Let me enlarge the picture as it needs to fill the whole of the screen. Isn't that too amazing for words?'' 'Yes
it certainly is. Heh' David took over the mouse, 'let's look at the other
shots of the storm. They really are very good.'' 'Wow'' Laura
gasped in amazement, 'just what do you make of that?'' David and
Laura sat mesmerised…………the lightening was there, the blackness was there,
but what on earth were these small faces spinning down to earth.
'David, I can't believe this……what on earth is going on?'' David
looked at Laura in amazement…….'I honestly don't know darling…..really
I don't. Methinks we have imbibed toooo much brandy! Come on.
Let's go to bed!'

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