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'That was a lovely evening' Laura remarked snuggling up closer to David on the couch whilst nursing a small brandy. David kissed her gently on the forehead, ''What would I do without you!' he sighed. 'I must be the
luckiest man on this earth!' Laura grinned. 'Give it another day or two
and you'll be yelling at me about something or other, but meanwhile I
am going to take advantage of this wonderful mellow mood of yours!'
'Well'' he responded, 'what have you got up your sleeve now? What is it
that you are angling for…….another new outfit…….some new shoes…..
come on, tell me what it is.'' Laura playfully ruffled his hair and then
gently whispered in his ear. ''I want………I want you to come
into the study with me' she nibbled on his ear 'and……….I want you
to..' David drew in a deep intake of breath……'help me with the pictures
which we downloaded on the Computer!'' Laura, burst into laughter
noticing the look of disappointment covering his face. ''Come on'
she giggled kissing him on the cheek before coaxing him
to follow… ''You little Devil'' David laughed. ''I shall get you for this!
OK let's take a look now, but it is getting late so not too long eh!'