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Refreshed from the holiday, Laura decided that before she got back into real work she would download all the photos from France. She set the computer up and the process began, inside she was tingling in anticipation.

The phone rang, it was David. “Hi, darling, everything ok”, he asked.
“Hi David, yes just fine, I'm in the middle of sorting the photos out so we can have a look at them together tonight. Was there anything you wanted – or are you just missing me”, she replied.
“Well yes, the new boss here, Mark, has asked if we are free for dinner tomorrow evening. Nothing special, just a steak in their local pub. They moved here a couple of weeks ago and I think he's hoping you can get to know his wife Chrissy”.
Laura thought for a moment, “that's fine, nothing on the calendar, it will be nice to put a face to Mark's voice”.
3Great”, he said, “I'll set it up from here. See you later darling, Bye”.
“Bye David”, and as she put the phone down she noticed the photos had finished their progress into the computer. She looked at the screen, she was tempted, but no she wanted to see them together – they would have to wait for another few hours.

Thankfully David managed to get away early that day so they had an early dinner and went into the study together. The photos were wonderful, they had really captured the spirit of their little hideaway.
“Oh David, look at that one, the sunset over the trees, it's divine”, she paused for a second, “I'm going to have it printed and framed and send it to Claudine as a thank you for my beautiful gift”.
“That's a lovely idea Laura, she was so kind to us”.
They continued to flick through the photos and were amazed they had even captured a couple of shots of the lightening during the storm they had one night.
Two very happy, content people went to bed and drifted effortlessly to sleep.

As the day started Laura knew she had to get on with some serious work. She was in the middle of setting up her own catering business and as much as she loved the cookery side of it, she found the paperwork time-consuming and not very exciting.
At four that afternoon she decided to call it a day and give herself a little pampering. Relaxing in the warm, perfumed bubbly water she drifted into a half-sleep and once again she was aware of those images in her mind – who cares, it's nothing, she thought, mmm this is so nice.

Their evening got off to an unexpected but welcome start, as the girls were introduced Chrissy remarked on Lauras red heart. She knew immediately what it was, and much to their husbands delight they were quickly immersed in chatting about these little treasures.
Chrissy explained that Mark had found her first one in an old second-hand shop near where they used to live and she now had more than twenty of them.
The rest of the evening was a great success and they parted new friends, with Chrissy offering to take Laura with her to the old shop next time she was going.

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