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Yes, she Kissed the Frog and he turned into Prince Charming (or so she thought)!

She really helped and nurtured Prince Charming to gain confidence and grow in stature from his shy retiring days. His need for her was so great that she put him before all others denying herself so much in her selfless cause.

As the story goes, he professed his undying love and promised to be with her for ever and ever . They even began to set up their beautiful Palace which sat opposite a beautiful lake and she searched the world to find priceless items (which she could ill afford) for their new home. But unbeknown to her, the wicked witch was hovering in the background casting her spell. She was intent on having Frog (Prince Charming) for herself and in the process was causing havoc with his mind and soul! For deep, deep down, he was a weak and troubled Frog who had not yet found his feet. He was still caught up in their web and as such could not see the enticing lilley pads before him!

He then looked to a therapist to try and discover what was troubling him. But the therapist would just sit and listen, and listen and listen (as this was a good way for her to pay off all her debts) and did not dare to question Frog's heart and actions for fear of losing such a lucrative patient.

And sad as it may seem, he dumped the beautiful girl from the rowing boat and unwittingly <img src='style_emoticons//unsure.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’unsure.gif’ /> broke the spell of the Wicked Witch (but maybe not).

In his confusion he had turned his eye to someone else. But, he did not know at the time that she was the Devil Incarnate and so the story begins (which needs refinement)…..

Meanwhile, the beautiful girl from the rowing boat in her anguish, cried a billion tears! She had been used and betrayed and vowed that once the cracks in her heart had been papered over, she would seek her own sweet revenge!

And will there be a happy ending???? I doubt it!

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