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Hi all –

Sorry for my own quietness but yes, the holidays have taken their toll! LOL! I personally had family here in town for 3 weeks. Prior to that my mom went in the hospital. She is well now. Then I have had a two week flair up of my RSD which has bedridden me and my arms were not working for almost 3 weeks. So I hope that everyone knows despite my quiet, my love of the beautiful solid perfumes still is thriving in heart!!

Happy New Year to all! I pray that we all enjoy a fruitful year full of blessings and thankfulness for all of the small things that we take for granted. Like our little works of art. I am thankful that I get to enjoy solid perfumes! And I am very grateful for each of you here that have taught me so very much about solids and collecting! A big thanks to Lisa and Jack as always for their work!