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Hi Mimi-
Thanx for asking about my teaching- I am an Adult Education teacher with a credential in handicapped and older adults- I teach Art Appreciation- Nature- Current Events and Senior Tai Chi to Seniors in convelescant homes- retirement homes and adult day care facilities- I teach 4 classes per day at 4 different places- with a weekly student count of about 750 students. I have been doing it for 10 years and love it!! Prior to that I taught Developmentally Disabled Adults food service skills for mainstreaming into society for 7 years. Today a lot of my students wear EL perfumes and I tell them what they are wearing and they love it- So it helps make may day sweeter!
My yard is done and it is gorgeous- I have pix but not sure how to get them loaded into this site- so if you want a private preview- email me and I can send some-
I am on a board of directors for a youth group and in October I will be chairing a garden tea tour and my yard will be the 1st on the tour- It was 3 years ago and my yard was an English Garden- now it is an Italian Pallazzo with a wrought Iron Gazebo in the middle with vines on it- I need to relax!
Anyway- Thanx again for asking