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Hi everyone,
It's the notorious Mark here- a realitively new member- I read this site daily to learn whats new and what is about to be new- if it wasn't for this site- I would be in the dark about a lot of the perfumes out there.-
I have written in the past and kinda got chewed out royally for posting – cause I sold 2 of my lesser adored solids to pay for my redone FANTASTIC looking front yard. So I stayed back from posting – Maybe that is why some of the newer members do not comment- You guys in this site are NOT shy about expressing your feelings!!
I started collecting a few years ago by finding an older EL at the thrift store- I sold it on ebay and a lady from New York wrote to me re: that solid and said if I wanted to see some great ones go to Vegas at the EL store- So=- off I went to Vegas- what a trip- My 1st newer solid I bought was the Dragon- What a awesome piece- Now I have ove 100 newer pieces and about 25 of the older ones- It has been a great experience watching and learning from this site- I couldn't get to Vegas to the convention this year as I am a teacher and My last day of school is the end of June- Next year I am gonna try and make it somehow or other??
I hope you all well and will chat again soon with ya'all!!

lil' ol' me