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Aw gosh Mimi – you shouldn't have . . . all that praise makes me blush . . . I've gone all shy now. And it's hard to have wit without someone to be the 'straight guy'. Yes – it's nice to see the site 'alive' again . . . though once you start naming names, people will undoubtedly get left out . . .

There's so many I appreciate too, but I'd like to see a few more 'Aussie' posts (though I do accept Don and Margaret as 'honourary' Australian citizens) as they do occassionally wave the Aussie flag for me /us.

Charlotte – there's no shame in English as a second language – I REALLY admire people who can speak, read and write more than one language!! I'm sure NO-ONE would be worrying about what you think is a lack of English writing skills! You are able to get your point across and that's all that matters! (Anyway, your spelling is a lot better than Michele's!)

And we mustn't forget all the great translations that have been offered in light of all the German posts that happened . . . I can make out a little of it, but it's nice to have it fully translated – again, I really do appreciate the 'gifts' (for want of a better word) of many of the international members . . .

And I enjoy the 'slang' words that come around once in a while too.

eg. Where would we be without being GOBSMACKED every once in a while?