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Hello to all of you,

Yes, you are right.

Iím one of those who does not write much more (in fact as soon as I received a notice from Lisa to become member of her site on April 2002, I subscribed immediately and I must say Iíve found here a lot of friends: Lisa, Jacky, Woody, Martha and so on), but in spite of this I posted only 180 even being member N? 24? and sometimes I visit the Lisa site without writing.

This for two reasons, first of all because my English dictionary is very poor so I cannot write immediately on line, I have to prepare it without being connected and secondly because I donít like very much to write and this is valid also in my language. Is it grave? My husband say yes, it is.

Can you forgive me?

When I subscribed I had only 19 solids, now I have 69ÖÖ

However I think to have improved my English thanks to Jacky and also reading your posts and even if I donít understand every words I try to catch the meaning.


finally, as I told you, Iíve got (not really bought because itís a present from my husband for our 25 years anniversary marriage) a new digital camera (Olympus Camedia C-60 zoom) but now Iíve to learn how to use it and it seems quite difficult!! Iíll try to use it during my next holidays on the mountains and Iíll let you know the results.

My warmest hallo to all of you,