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Hello Erica, I think your picture is wonderful, how many bottles are there?

To any new or old members who have been afraid of posting, don't.(be afraid I mean, not don't post!) I know I was, and I had to wait until someone, anyone asked the question I wanted the answer to. Also, sometimes someone would ask a question and I'd say, “oh yes, I wondered that too”
Ages ago Lisa asked all the members to say who they were and where they were from. I think it's amazing there are so many members from so far afield now and it's interesting to hear the problems others have trying to collect. I moan because we don't have the same selection they have in the US but we have a better chance than those collectors in Australia. If it wasn't for people talking here we wouldn't know so much about solids or where to get them, which ones to avoid (bad sellers and bad solids).
Keep posting and keep asking questions, that way we all learn.