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Hi everyone

Thanks for the encouragement and warm greetings.

Darwin is at the very top of Australia. It gets very hot and very very humid in our “wet” season so called because it rains and rains. We have lots of thunderstorms and nature displays some beautiful lightening shows. This time of the year we are also prone to cyclones.

At present we are in our “dry” season and we see very little rain if any. Temperatures are just devine no aircoolers needed, but we can still wear T-shits, shorts and thongs (we wear them on our feet)
This is the time all the tourists from the southern parts of Australia visit to escape their chilly winters!!!!

My first solid was the Fabulous Frog, my husband saw it when he was buying me some perfume for Xmas,knowing I adore frogs he bought it for me .
Then nearly every year there after he surprised me with a solid. So I didn't really chose any, he did and had great taste.

My favourite solid from, the ones I have, would be the Jack in the Box.