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Thank you for making me laugh this morning Michele…. Sandra, watch out…and Lisa, please do not get upset. I rib one or two people (maybe more) but if there is a slight conflict or dispute, it normally ends up being sorted out privately..

Greyhound, I do hope I have answered all your questions! If not, please remind me. So much has been going on and at times I am not sure if I am Martha or Arthur! (Martha, this is an English expression)!

To the new members, a big WELCOME. We always enjoy new blood, but that doesn't turn us into Draculas. Aaha, maybe a story coming there!

Regarding one solid per year, I think I would opt for at least one of the Harrods Limited solids and try, (very hard) for say a Strongwater….. Matter of choice. The bears are good to collect. But once you have one, you will be trying to find others…..I unfortunately haven't Rodney but that was in my early days when I gave him up! Now I make sure to buy more than one (the second to keep for a rainy day…….AND we have been having alot of those lately in this part of the world)!

Karin, I think the word you are looking for is Redundancy Pay.

It seems that Martha hit a cord with her posting and I am really so pleased to read the response. And Lisa, thank you once again for all your hard work (and Jack) and allowing us to express ourselves especially over the past couple of weeks.

It is so good to see 'our friends' and Greyhound, never feel intimidated to remind someone or put your point of view. Bark whenever!

Denise, where are you?

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