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Great post Lisa, but you shouldn't be the one explaining yourself! No-one would be accusing you of doing anything underhand . . . . or any other person who writes regularly on here either. For the most of us, it's a HOBBY, not a business.

EL should be the one explaining.

This was a great hobby to have and to chat about until the last couple of years when the solids came up in multitudes on Ebay cheaply. That in itself was a blow to those who went religiously to the stores each year to purchase the “collector's items” at retail prices.

Now that they come up on Ebay in bits and pieces IS the last straw. Tell me how many are still buying the solids retail as opposed to how many are waiting for them of Ebay?

Who pays more than retail for any made in the last 2 years (except maybe this years Harrods ones)?

Don't worry – I'm sure after this years sales figures are released, EL will have the message!!

Keep it up guys – you watch, in the next two years if they keep underselling then we will be back to limited (and hopefully high quality) solids at reasonable prices.

Just be patient. We will win.