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Ann and Ken
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Good post Lisa.

I also waited to buy my solids this year. Why pay retail when if careful and you read the discription you can save alot by buying on ebay.

Like you I buy on ebay for a lot of different reasons. Example-I bought a marlin without a stand just to have for the fish tank for $10.

What I have a problem with is the sellers not telling the buyers that pieces are missing. I have no problem with folks buying the stuff on ebay as I do it myself but I (kind of) know what I am buying and bid accordingly. New to the hobby may buy a piece and be dissapointed or pay way to much.

IMHO I don't see how EL can continue marketing solids as they have in the past.

Retail sales are WAY down for the very reason we are discussing here.

To be a collectable the rules are simple– Do not mass produce so they end up in warehouse sales or the trash, and keep the collectors happy( don't lie to their face).