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Yes, a touchy subject indeed. And again my main concerns are the people that don't know any better and that it has been going on for some time and still EL doesn't seem concerned enough to stop it.

Have I ever purchased a solid from a warehouse sale? Yes, I specifically did not get any of the GD solids this year (the first time ever) I also did not get the spring solids either because I know they would be on ebay for half the price just like every year and already they are showing up. Will a buy a solid without a box? Yes, if I don't have the solid at all then I will get it in the best condition I can find it and then if I get the chance I will purchase a better solid with perfume, label and box and switch out the other one. Have I ever purchased a damaged solid? Yes, I have a rollercoaster without the car, however I got it for $5. Why you ask? Just to see what the heck was going on with them and to have as an example to maybe one day show EL (actually EL did get the photo of it from me last year in Vegas.) I would not ever spend more than $5 because the solid is useless but if someone else wants it for whatever reason that is fine too, no problem.

I also buy solids sometimes to resell them myself, to keep items in the for sale area so that it is not always so static and also to help manage the cost of this site. I may also stock up on some of them (solids without boxes, multipules) for future contests or because I want to have some solids to sell in Vegas.

In the end it boils down to sales for EL, I think they will feel the effects of people waiting for them to surface on ebay and in the future produce less. If the damaged solids, solids without boxes or perfume from the warehouse sales and solids at the CCS were no longer available to the public than the only way to get them would be to pay full price, ultimatley that is what I as a collector want.

The way to tell where the solids MIB come from look at the sellers other items- if they are all cosmetic EL related than most likely they are coming from the warehouse sales (EL does sell them there MIB as well as without the box or perfume) Other solids MIB below retail may come from SA who get a store discount but remember most stores are not allowed to keep solids past January with exceptions like Saks or NM.