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'Ar' wrote on '03:


I lived in New York State where it would go below zero farenheit frequently in the winter, colder than that with the wind chill factor. When breathing outside, the insides of my nose would stick together! Now I live in Florida where it has been 90+ degrees F every day. 😎


P.S. I LOVED Australia — I've been to Lamington NP, Sydney, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and my favorite — Tassie, especially Cradle Mountain.

Yes – it seems you Americans move state to state quite a lot easier than us Aussies . . . though most would be inclined to migrate north to the warmer states than south (yes – opposite to you guys).

Tassie is a beautiful state, but again, rather cold . . . due to the fact that it is the closest state to Antartica.

I like to visit other states, but love living in Sydney. 😎