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'helen' wrote on '19:

I have several of the brochures that have been sent to me over the past few years from some of the sales reps at Saks and Neimans. How can I get a mailing address for you? I will be glad to copy them and send you the copies. They will be in black and white though.

Helen! Thank you so much!! I have sent you a personal email, but just in case, my email address is butterflies1219@hotmail.com. These will be such a great source of information for the book on solid perfumes I am working on!

If anyone has additional brochures/mailing information on releases that they would like to share. Please contact me! I really want to be able to accurately detail where certain solids were released from, the original release prices and any special information. I am trying to compile information on all solid perfumes, not just Estee Lauder. I have some documented from the 1920's and upwards, so please help with any information you think could help me document this for all of us solid perfume lovers!

Happy Collecting!