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'Brigitte' wrote on '20:

Hi Jenn,

I have a site with all the brochures I own.


The years that are highlited have brochures, you may click on them.

on the page you may click a single picture to enlarge it and then you may click with the righ mouse to store them.

If you have any brochures that are not on my page please be so kind as to send them to me (if possible in color) and I will add them to the site.

Hope that helps, Brigitte

Hi Brigitte-

Thank you! I have checked it out before and you have such a wonderful site. I'm sure I've told you that before, but I'll just say it again!

I am currently in a snag with setting up the photo template layouts with the solid perfume book. I am meeting with a graphic designer the end of the month to set up several. Work is going very slowly as I have thousands of pages of background information and ads from so many sites and sources to put into some semblances of readable, and hopefully enjoyable, order! LOL! I'm sure that I will be checking in with you in the future to verify some of the Estee release information. You have been such a great resource on this site and thru your website.

Again if anyone has any brochures or older advertisements on solid perfumes that are not EL..PLEASE share the info! I am trying to put as much detailed release date, prices, etc information together for the book. Anything you would like to contribute or sell or share, I really would greatly appreciate.

I am excited that my book will help to document so many of the wonderful solid perfumes that have been introduced over the years.

If I ever hit the Florida lottery, my major dream is to open a solid perfume museum so that there could be one place for solid perfume lovers to enjoy,d share and maybe grow a new generation of solid perfume collectors…. But I better start playing the lottery! LOL! Until then, it is my greatest dream which is fun for me to imagine!