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Hello Daisy,

I agree with you one hundred percent and if we don't stop it here as much as we can, we will see the Harrods solids going down the drain the same way as our friends' solids on the other side of the ocean! That is why I am prepared to pull out all the stops here re Harrods. The 'seller' has withdrawn the original solid perfume bear and replaced it with the yearly Harrods' resin bear. The resins I know alot about as I have been buying and selling these ever since the Harrods solid bears were first released.

They retail at Harrods for £4.95 and are NEVER given as gifts with the normal BEAR solids! They are Christmas Tree decorations but collectable due to the date on the foot! In the auction on ebay on the American site for this resin bear, the wrong information is given! Please check out the English site HARRODS CHRISTMAS RESIN COLLECTABLE BEARS U.K. and you will see some others listed. Write to me if you would like the proper information!

It is a pity that more has not been done in the States to stop the moulds getting into the hands of these people who are doing this. If anyone writes that the moulds from the Harrods solids are easily obtainable, then I would ask the question

how can that be the case for the 2011 which has not even been released as yet! It is so obvious what is happening. It is disgusting to say the least.

I have the auctions of the 2011 bears and will prepare something this weekend to put forward to Harrods. At least they will be aware of what is going on!