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'Petals' wrote on '21:

Hello Wendy,

Have been so busy and will not go into why! Just relieved all will soon be back to normal.

I intend going to Harrods one day this week and will let you all know the outcome.

Meanwhile to those of you who have posted and are helping us as much as you can, our U.K. collectors I know are very grateful! Surprised not to have seen more on the site but maybe collectors in the U.S. are not so interested in the Harrods solids at the present time! 😮

Hi Petals

Glad to hear that things have settled down on the streets of London! Take care.

Regarding Harrods, thank you Petals for taking the time to visit the mighty store, your efforts on our behalf are greatly appreciated. I can imagine that Harrods, unlike Estee Lauder will take definitive action against the people involved in the illegal selling of the Harrods 2011 SP Bear. I understand from good authority that Harrods now hold all the relevant info on the ebay sellers involved including copies of every listing of the 2011 SP Harrods Bear sold on ebay over the last few weeks. My thanks to all of you who have supported our cause!