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'Petals' wrote on '05:

Hi Butterflies,

No one can fault your comments but in this instance there is an issue which we, as collectors, have never previously encountered.

To see the Harrods items coming out of the factory BEFORE the actual solid has been released, beggers belief! Harrods personnel are not at the factory to see what is going on. The factory is in a different part of the world. The Harrods named solids are very special.

To see these being secreted out of the factory and passed on to a so called collector who is receiving these goods, is a moral issue! It means that this so called collector knows the people responsible.

I and other collectors have saved and spent alot of money to attain our collections. Why should one greedy person cause the downfall of everything we have worked and saved hard for? I could not afford many items but I waited and waited and had some lucky breaks on Ebay etc. It was hard work but had I known someone who was ''stealing'' them from a factory, I would not, and repeat I would not have purchased! Either way, I would not want to be associated with the crooks involved and either way, Harrods will have a report from me to present to the powers that be, irrespective!

You know something Jenn, I have always found that the longer I waited for something i.e. the real thing, the sweeter the taste when I finally acquired it. Nothing wrong with selling on for a few bucks more but to bring down the collections of others, NO WAY!



Totally agree