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Ok, Flyaway, you have convinced me. I'll buy it (especially since I'm itching to use my $50 credit).

QUOTE(Flyaway @ Mar 12 2007, 09:35 PM)
Well I just recieved my Lucky Chip.
It is very flat…approx the size of a .50 cent Kennedy coin. 
The back is all enamel
the front is  red enamel and crystals,
with the words  $5000 Las Vegas
I really like it, and I have pretty much stopped buying compacts. Over the year's they have made them less “blingy” than I like.  I like this one, I feel that it totally matches the other Las Vegas themed solids.
Only problem I see is displaying it…It's as flat as a coin….any suggestions????

Ar…if you like the Vegas collection…you will like this