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According to my opinion, as EL gives the empty box they just put any 5 items into the box, just to show how it looks.

Here what was written on the IPBA page:

At Harrods, it was sold with a set of 5 solids for approximately £1,000 (or approximately $1,800 USD). The 5 solids sold originally in the box are

Beautiful Harrods Palace,
Beautiful Harrods Teddy Bear,
Beyond Paradise Double Decker Bus,
Pleasures Clock Tower and the
White Linen World Traveler.

The box will be raffled empty, for some very lucky IPBA member to fill.

The picture, above, shows the box open with its removable upper tray. (The raffle prize does not include any perfumes!) There is a small “EL” packet in the tray that contains the key. The plaque in the lid reads: “EstÈe Lauder Collectors Series No. 6/55.” In this photo the fitted outer box made of heavy material and padded all over inside is pictured in back of the box itself.

This large, heavy box is 22? inches long, 5? inches wide, and 7 inches deep. It is made of lacquer, dark blue (of course) and can be locked

The link:

This is the world traveler

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