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It reminds me of the hot wheel cars I used to buy for my boys when they were growing up. (They didn't have any pink ones though)

Yes, it looks exactly like a hot wheels car! I wasn't going to buy one because again the size- for me if it had been smaller I would be in love with it.

For me the solids are so appealing and charming because of the small size with tiny details. All the new solids for this year are bigger and I think when they become bigger they lose some of their charm at least this is my opinion. This is one of the reasons (as well as many others) that I say I am not “into it- collecting- like before and it does make me sad.

As far a solids with crystals I think they are a thing of the past (I hope I am proven wrong) If you think about it, all the crystals have to be hand set therefore a lot of craftsmanship is involved in the production of the crystal encrusted solids. Let's face it today it wouldn't be feasible for EL to produce such a labor intensive solid because more labor involved cuts down on the # that can be produced.