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First of all I would like to say that I think this years Neimans collection is the best in years. BUT I will not be purchasing any because of the overruns that EL has been doing the past few years.

Back at one of the IPBA conventions, around 2002 or 2003 I spoke to one of the EL VP's a Mr. A—-e. This was when EL produced a huge X-Mass collection.

I mentioned that while I did not know much about big business and marketing I thought it would be a good idea if EL came up a few excellent solids and made only a very limited number say 500-800 of each, LETTING the number produced be public knowledge, and then destroy the mold so they could not do another run. Then put on a large public relations blitz and cause a feeding frenzy and have them sold out by X-Mass.

I think Harrods has the right idea to make a limited number and put a card in the box saying that this is 1 of 300. You dont walk into Harrods and see any English Emblems or Thomas bears in the store.

Unfortunately as usual the collectors suggestions fall upon DEAF EARS.