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Whether we like the Pagoda or not seems irrelevant…the fact is, like Lisa, I've been checking out google and found some really interesting points. For instance, the photo Lisa has posted is a Pagoda called a ting or one-story Pagoda. A two-story Pagoda (the Strongwater one) would be considered a ge or two-storied pavilion. Each Pagoda has it's own distinct quality of architecture, depending on whether it was built as a Tomb, usually for a Buddhist Monk; or it could have been a Temple…filled with jade buddha's and gold. The fact is, there are many, many reasons for Pagoda's. They originated in India and sort of migrated into China during the Qing Dynasty. In sanscrit, Pagoda meant “Tomb.” In China, the Pagoda was actually a symbol of Buddhism.

Actually found a photo of our fair City's Pagoda on the web…the structure was built here…only the bell came from Japan…it was a gift as a Thank You from some Japanese dignitaries who visited here in the 1950's. Personally, I think a simple Thank You Card would have been sufficient, but…

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This will take me weeks to absorb, but I have to study it. To think…we've had a Pagoda in our midst for decades and I never did much more than run up and down the old wooden stairs to the bell tower, try to jimmy the locks on the old rooms (that no one has ever been allowed in), and look out over the city from the top level (7 stories…not 10…hey, I was little…it looked a lot bigger to me then!)

One other point I've learned is that the Pagoda comes from the Chinoserie period, which is part of the terminology of many Strongwater pieces.

Must get some sleep…will get back to this tomorrow…all I know is that I now want to learn more about Pagoda's….have been carrying my Strongwater replica most of the night from room to room…don't want to put it down. Very substantial piece and well worth whatever it costs, assuming it wasn't a gift from Lauder. <img src='style_emoticons//laugh.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’laugh.gif’ />

'nite all….
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