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Hello Bruce, Following Woody and Margaret, I too collect the solid perfumes. I also look for the older E.L. solids as I think they are really special.

It is true to say that not all the solids have appreciated in value but you never
know which ones will develop into 'flavour of the month'. Unlike my friend Margaret I would sometimes prefer to wait and buy at lower prices, but I'm afraid it doesn't always work out like that. Some of the solid perfumes have really escalated in price and become difficult to find. One never really knows which ones will necessarily do this! Therefore, I would say to anyone, including myself, if you really love a particular item BUY IT as you might be disappointed in the future.

I have no idea how many PINK LADIES are being released but if I really
loved it, I would buy it. In the same token, if you feel your wife would
love the PINK LADY then wouldn't it be great if you coud surprise her..

I am sure that one of our members in the States would be happy to purchase
the PINK LADY on your behalf if you are having difficulty in doing so……….

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