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I just had to add my bit too. I have bought many items off ebay, but only until last month did I have a problem. My seller deregistered themselves within hours of me paying. So it meant I cannot leave any feedback on them!

I reported them immediately to ebay, they say they can do nothing, because the seller isnt replying to their emails! WHAT!

Four weeks later still nothing so i reported them to an Agency of the FBI, and sent the seller an email saying that the FBI had their contact details. Got an immediate reply saying they had sent my goods. Two weeks later the goods arrived, absolute rubbish items and not as described (nothing like it really) but cant do anything.

Harass your seller more, tell them you have reported them to this site:

which is an internet fraud site. So at least they will have some sleepless nights!

But there are some very good sellers out there too!