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QUOTE(marie5 @ May 19 2010, 07:54 PM)
I bought the 1994 Golden Elephant off of Ebay. It has perfume and a label on the bottom that says Pleasures. I could not find one in the database. I have since bought the elephant with the box and the label on the bottom says Beautiful.  Which is the correct one?


The “Golden Elephant” released in 1994 is a re-issue of the 1992 Elephant. The 94 Golden Elephant should be filled with “Beautiful,” as is the 1992 “Golden Elephant.”

The “Golden Elephant” you purchased with the box and label stating “Beautiful” is the authentic solid.

Am concerned we are going to be seeing more differing perfumes now that one can purchase the perfume alone on eBay. Re-Sellers (vs. Collectors) will be popping any scent into their empty solids. Hopefully, they will refer to Roselyn Gerson's book before putting them on eBay.