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Roselyn Gerson
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Hi everyone,
Finally made it. I am Roselyn Gerson from the Compact Collectors (powder and solid perfume) club. Our next convention will be held on June 13, 14 and 15th 2003 at the Boardwalk Hotel in Las Vegas. On Friday night we have registration and a sit down dinner. After the dinner we have an auction (compact and all related vanities), the proceeds going to Leukemia Research. On Saturday bright and early we have tablers set up (usually between 35 -35) for the vendors. There is no charge for the selling tables. After usually a most successful day we have another sit down dinner. Last year we had a wonderful speaker from Estee Lauder which also included a film show. After dinner we had the owner and president of Stratton compacts from England. He gave an excellent talk on the history of Stratton and its future. He also brought us compacts that we could buy that did not even come out in the UK yet. On Sunday at 9:30-10;00 we are invited to the Las Vegas store for a delicious champagne brunch. We are shown a preview of next years solid perfumes and powder compacts. The store is opened exclusively for the registered member of the Compact Collectors Convention. In previous years as we enter we are given an Estee Lauder shopping bag. In the bag (in previous years) there was a gift of a very current solid perfume. It is a wonderful week-end. Last year, Ann and Ken, Lisa and Jack attended. Hope to see them back again this year. If you would like any other information regarding the club or convention please either e-mail me with your request-please include your full name and address or write to me at Compact Collectors, Box 40, Lynbrook, NY 11563. Hope to hear from you all soon. As soon as Estee Lauder notifies me with the names, descriptions, etc of their new solids I will list them in the chat department. Roselyn