In 1997 Estee Lauder released a compilation CD to go along with their Zodiac compacts.
It featured 12 classical pieces, one for each sign of the zodiac. It was given out to various Estee Lauder employees and sales associates. We have found this CD to be perfect for those times when you are arranging your collection or looking for that elusive solid on eBay.

At left is the insert that came with the keepsake compact. It tells the story of the compact. Thanks to Meeks for this item! It's hard to read, so here is the text:
"History of The Estee Solid Perfume Keepsake
Like many of the famous gold boxes created in the Eighteenth Century, the Estee Solid Perfume Keepsake has a history all its own.
It is a copy of an actual gold toothpick case, given to Warren Hastings, the noted English Statesman who served as the first Governor General of India.
The box, beautifully enamelled with miniature portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Hastings, was presented to the Governor General by a group of Indian Rajahs. In its day such a box was considered a highly coveted keepsake. Now, you may covet it even more since it safekeeps for you a glistening pat of Estee Solid Perfume. The Estee Solid Perfume Keepsake created for you by Estee Lauder"

Each year, Estee Lauder produces solids for distribution outside the US. Sometimes these solids have subtle differences from the US versions. It is usually a small design difference, like fewer crystals used or a color variation. These are some samples Michaela sent us of the international releases from the past. See if you can decide if you like one version better than the other. Or better yet, get both versions and have it both ways!

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