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Solid Perfume - Dedicated to collecting Estee Lauder Solid Perfume Compacts
lauder solid perfume lauder solid perfume
solid perfume stores It is Tuesday Mar 26, 2019  

perfume compact
Here's a prototype sent by Suzanne Martin of a mallard duck solid. Estee Lauder reportedly decided not to produce it because they thought it was too "masculine"!
solid perfume prototype

Here are a couple photos of the compact that shows up on eBay sometimes which looks like the 1975 Estee Lauder Moon-Bean, but it is not. The real Moon-Bean is on a black silk cord and says "Estee" inside. This one is close...but not a real Moon-Bean.
moon bean solid perfume
old perfume compact
estee lauder solid perfume This solid perfume compact sent in to us by Suzanne Martin is probably one of the oldest solids that Estee Lauder had made. You can see the same images on both the front and back of this hinged silver solid, as well as the Estee Lauder sticker still intact on the back.

We've never seen this one before. If you have, or if you know anything about it please contact us!

estee solid
At the left side of the photo is the coiled rope compact with a pearl in the center. It was possibly a Canadian edition and it was sent to us by Suzanne Martin.

At the right side is another version of the coiled rope compact. This one features a navy blue cabochon stone instead of the common turquoise stone. Thanks to LauderLover for sending this one in.
coiled rope variations

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 Have something odd or rare? Something you aren't exactly sure of? Send us a photo and tell us about it!