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Solid Perfume - Dedicated to collecting Estee Lauder Solid Perfume Compacts
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Solid Perfumes for Sale

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1999 "Petite Poodle
Perfect condition has original Dazzling Gold perfume, label on bottom and comes in original box... box show a bit of discoloration from normal wear and tear
Seller: LisaPrice: $60

This solid is full of original Knowing perfume... has label and comes with original gold box
Seller: LisaPrice: $85

Victorian Cameo 1978
Has some Estee pefume left, has label on back, no box
Seller: LisaPrice: $35

1982 "Contented Cat"
Has Cinnabar perfume inside... has label on bottom... no box... red boarder.... has small chip on right ear.... otherwise good condition
Seller: LisaPrice: $100

Has most of the Cinnabar perfume inside... has label on bottom... red design on base... no box... excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
Seller: LisaPrice: $150

Three charm Lucidity pressed powder Basket Weave powder compact
Unused Lucidity transparent powder compact... this compact features three EL charms... the diamond ring, the 2000 disco ball and pave diamond heart... does not have box or clear plastic film between the puff and powder
Seller: LisaPrice: $75

Royal Enamel 1974
has some perfume, label, no box
Seller: LisaPrice: $20

MIB... ice is a bit discolored (this has happened to all of these) has perfume, label and comes in gold box
Seller: LisaPrice: $75

2000 Millenium Lucidity pressed powder compact
This compact has full pressed powder with original puff and clear contact plastic over powder.... does have label on bottom but on box.
Seller: LisaPrice: $60

MIB... perfume has discolored a bit with age.... has hang tag label and comes in gold box... original cost $350
Seller: LisaPrice: $250

Full of original Beautiful perfume, which has discolored with age... had label on bottom, no box... in perfect condition with all gorgeus crystals intact
Seller: LisaPrice: $125

Full of original Pleasures perfume... had label on bottom... no box... perfect condition
Seller: LisaPrice: $125

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